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AVG is a virus?

  • A scan last night picked up something interesting.

    It says taht c:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG Free\avgcore.dll could be infected with a virus. "(V) Could be infected Win32/Magistr"

    Before I clean it has anyone seen this before?

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  • Wouldn't hurt to let it clean the file, then re-install their AV program. Some of the more advanced infections will target specific AV programs, this may be what happened.

    iirc, that file is a part of AVG Free edition, though I can't check it since I don't have any machines running AVG free.

    Of course, this file most definitely does NOT belong to KES (KES doesn't use AVG Free), so if it was KES that found it, you can go ahead and turf it (the location is completely wrong).

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  • dwujcik, thanks for the input, after googling a while and drinking more coffee I did notice that it was a part of AVG free... the system in question is running KES and has since been cleanind (I forgot about this post)

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