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KES crashing Exchange Server?

  • I have a problem since we migrated our server running Exchange 2007 (server 2003 x64) where it is crashing frequently. Since the issue started when we migrated to KES, I wanted to rule it out as the cause of the problem.

    I found a TechNet article showing what directories, processes and file extensions should be excluded.

    In my profile I have setup for the server, in the PUP section, you enter the name of the program, the checksum value and the file size. I have the checksum value and the file size but I do not know what hashtype (md5, sha1, etc.) it uses nor how it is measuring the file size (bytes, kB, MB, kiB, MiB, etc.).

    I have opened the ticket and will post my findings when I have that information.

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  • Kaseya support got back faster. Here is the information in regards:

    Thank you for contacting Kaseya Support.

    To determine the checksum value, open the AVG UI on a machine that contains the file. Select Tools > Advanced Settings. Select the PUP Exceptions property sheet. Click the Add exception button. Select the file by browsing the machine's local directory. The corresponding checksum value is displayed. Copy and paste the checksum value from the AVG UI into the Add new record dialog box of the Exclude Pups tab of Security > Define Profile.

    File Size - Enter the file size in bytes

    and then later updated:

    checksum value use 'md5' hashtype

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