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Email Attachments on KES Exchange

  • Is KES exchange plug-in truly capable of detecting .zip attachments or any attachment for that matter on emails? Today we have had the same client report for a 2nd time they have received an email with a virus infected .zip attachment. As it stands we are now going to have to switch them to something else as this is bad when providing managed services.

    All the profile settings are enabled and the option to scan inside archives is checked. The last time this happened i followed the settings advised by support. The email scanner section is also enabled within the profile.

    I tested .zip files using the www.eicar.org site and on my desktop it detected the virus when i attempted to open or save however on a server (win 2008) it didnt. When i enabled 'check archives' in the AVG advanced settings - web protection, it suddenly starting detecting. However this is not enabled on my desktop and is obviously not part of the KES settings you choose when installing?

    I am really questioning the true effectiveness of KES mainly the exchange plug-in, anybody else had anything similiar with emails getting through or any suggestions?


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  • Tested this again after upgrading to KES 2.1 and .zip files still came through as did the eicar test .zip files. Eicar.com and eicar.com.text was removed by Exchange AVG.

    Would love to know if anyone else has experienced this as right now, KES exchange does not scan inside archives/.zip files or certainly in our enviroment anyway.

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