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Reboot Required

  • Quite a few machines today have 'Reboot Required' on the Security Status page (mainly servers...). Did another AVG software update happen (SP3 was postponed right?

    I would really like to be able to influence the date and time of such updates myself. As you can imagine, I can't 'just' reboot a server whenever I please (and hope it comes back online...). I understand why virus definitions are being pushed, but software updates requiring a reboot is not acceptable, certainly not for servers.

    Anyone else experience the 'Reboot Required' today?

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  • Yes, I had a couple which went to 'Reboot Required' after an update yesterday.

    Even if the system is in the state of 'Reboot Required' you are still protected from Viruses - so I just scheduled reboots to happen after hours last night.

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