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Long time to download KES Package

  • When KES is pushing down the package for the installation we are seeing the package only go out at about 7 KByte per second.

    So to download the 80 MB package its taking well over an hour.

    Our Internet connection however is barely seeing a load.

    We've turned off any throttling but this hasn't had an effect.

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  • Who's your ISP? We have a couple of WAN links here, our primary being a Rogers business connection. Every few weeks the Rogers upload speed drops to a max of 15KB/s. Rogers swears up and down that they're not throttling, but a few Google searches say otherwise. If we route our Kaseya traffic over our second WAN link, our upload speed is fantastic.

    Try hitting your Kaseya server's dl.asp page remotely, (assuming that it routes to your VSA over the same link that the VSA uses to push files to agents), and download and agent. Is the speed any better?

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