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KES and on the fly checking...

  • More of one month ago I sent an email to Kaseya customer support but no one answered me. Below I pasted a copy of the email I sent:

    ---- eMail begin -----

    I had been testing KES and I found the next issues...

    Using this profile, those features are not active: Files and eMail

    Protection, file, and email features are working (check mark on); KES check files on the way but failed to check to catch files with .zip extension, KES allow me to save zip extension files.

    Protection PROFILES.
    I have seen that the protection set checkmarks on: protection, files, and email when it’s used STANDARD protection or DEFAULT protection.

    Scan files…
    I downloaded a test virus file (www.eicar.org) and the antivirus catch the text file, however, it didn’t catch the file with zip extension.

    I sent an email to Kaseya support regarding the issue of download zip files with a virus signature; I let you know about this issue.

    ---- eMail End ----

    The matter is that I downloaded a virus test and it doesn't catch it. Let me know if someone that any experience with this or it has been tried any of this before. AVG detected manually the virus test but NOT ON THE FLY... I mean when I download the file, it doesn't detect it.


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  • Get KES 2.0 - it does do the checking "on the fly" so to speak.

    Resident Shield - checks for files upon open / move
    Web Shield - checks files while in route (downloading / IM)

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  • Oh....and there is an option to check inside of archives or not...you'll have to decide how you want to deploy that one.

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