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Where is the quarantine?

  • Hi All,

    We're a new user of KES and have one relatively simple question.

    Where is the quarantine?! We have configured our profiles for disinfect action only - my understanding being from the help that it will move any uncleanable threats to the quarantine, pending our decision about what to do with it. The problem is, my systems don't appear to be quarantining at all. They will attempt to clean, which fails (which isn't unreasonable, there aren't many cleanable viruses around) and then the virus file just stays where it is.

    What gives? Where should the files be going? Any pointers as to why they aren't going anywhere?

    Thanks in advance


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  • In KES 1.2, there is a virus vault...but the installation of KES 1.2 hides it from the end user. If you navigate to the programs folder, you can run the AVG UI and navigate to it.

    In KES 2.0 (newly renamed from KES 1.5), you'll see the virus vault fully exposed and sync's with the administration UI

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  • Thanks Jeff,

    I'm fairly familiar with standalone AVG, so tried the AVG Virus Vault already - it comes up empty. I also couldn't find the hidden Virus Vault folder that you'd expect with standalone AVG.

    The virus / infected file itself (I've been testing using the eicar test virus) doesn't appear to be moved at all - I created the file on a user's desktop, ran it (which was blocked - so that much worked) but the file is still sitting there. The KES logs just show that it was detected and the clean attempt failed - no apparent attempt to quarantine or clues as to why it didn't.


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