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KES quarantine (Radmin)

  • Hi,

    Just having some issue with excluding the following files for Radmin;

    C:\Program Files\Radmin\radmin.exe @EID_Id_pgm
    C:\Program Files\Radmin\r_server.exe @EID_Id_pgm
    C:\WINDOWS\system32\r_server.exe @EID_Id_pgm
    C:\Program Files\Radmin\ci_1 @EID_Id_pgm
    C:\Program Files\Radmin\ci_2 @EID_Id_pgm

    As far as i know you cant exclude specific files.. which is exactly what i want to do. I've been told you can only exclude file types or direcotories. Well as you can see in the above situation i wouldnt want to exclude all .exe files from the scan or the entire system32 directory.

    How would i go about excluding specific files?? You can do it in AVG itself, so i thought you should be able to do it in KES since it has AVG integratted into it.

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  • great question - i have been wondering what the actual syntax is to correctly exclude a directory (all all subdirectories)..... can this be done?

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  • Try going into the Security Tab | Protection | Security Status, select the threat link for a machine that has tagged RADMIN, select the RADMIN components on the 'Manage files that have been placed in quarantine' screen then select 'Add to PUP Exclusion List'. This should add the specific files to the exclusion list of the PROFILE installed on the machine - no need to repeat for other machines with this same profile.

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