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KES on SBS/Exchange Server.....

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Can/should you install KES v9 on a SBS 2003 server; SBS 2008 server....both have Exhange...  I'm afraid it may quarantine the Exchange Message Store....

If so, are there any tweaks that are needed?

Thank you.



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  • There may be some guys in this forums that will tell you it works for them so go ahead and do it... but my opinion is do not use KES with SBS! I see too many posts with people having different issues with it. My impressions are that AVG does not get SBS server.

  • I've been using SBS since the days of Windows NT and have used anitivirus products from Symantec, CA, McAfee, and Trend on them.  IMO KES just does not give you the ability to fine tune the product to work efficiently with SBS.  I would try to avoid it.  FWIW I like CA Etrust on the SBS-it seems to do a good job catching viruses in both the file system and email without slowing the server down.  I prefer to run Etrust on the SBS and KES on everything else.  Ideally you should scan smtp email BEFORE it gets to the server.