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KES in R9.2 - Upgrading to AVG2013 leaves windows firewall OFF

  • We have noted that after we upgrade any agent from AVG2012 to AVG2012 in VSA 9.2, after the upgrade the windows firewall is left in the OFF or disabled state.

    As this seems like a pretty critical issue (In fact, we classify it as priority 1 - critical internally), I thought I'd post about it immediately.

    We have tested across multiple users/clients with differnet environments. so far, however, all systems happen to have been Windows 7 Pro, as that's what 95% of our clients are on (I don't happen to have a suitable Win8 or Win10 box to test with just now).

    I have raised ticket #110113 in regards to this and we have suspended all further AVG upgrades until this is investigated.

  • Still experiencing this issue - Kaseya and AVG have no solution, so far. I've narrowed it down to the first few steps that happen before the machine is rebooted for the first time, so it's not AVG2013 itself that's at fault.

    Can anyone else say they're having similar issues, as this forum is strangely silent.....?

  • We have been replacing KES with KAV, so have very little installations left now.

    And we also suffer from a bug that our partial licenses are no longer used, so it seems we no longer have the ability to do anything wih KES... I'll try to run an update on one of our few remaining servers.

  • I have my personal machine with the new AVG from R9.2 - and Windows firewall is turned off.

  • We have these same issues. We also are finding that our KES profiles are not applying. so, all the various settings we have configured are not applied, and the deployment turns on stuff we don't want (email / link scanning for example).  Yes, we have the 'firewall is off' problem too.

    Here's the answer we got: Your issue has been identified to be a possible defect and has been progressed to our engineering backlog for future prioritization.It will be prioritized by our engineering team and may be addressed in a future release cycle as part of the normal process

  • new installs are disabled the realtime scanning

  • Benny,

    We also got the same poor response when recently submitting the profile settings issue to Kaseya Helpdesk. We pushed back for escalation but also since then we did some digging and found helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../33701336-Why-is-the-KES-profile-not-respected-and-AVG-configuration-greyed-out- which may be helpful. We are currently testing the solution and will post back our findings.


    Align Technology

  • Just updating to acknowledge testing possible fix to Benny's post did not fix, even factoring in the different AVG versions. Back to waiting for Kaseya engineers to fix their product.

  • We are still experiencing the firewall issue.

    I have found that it's the first phase before the machine is rebooted that disabled the firewall. AVG2013 itself doesn't seem to be the issue.

    This puts the ball back in Kaeya's court with whatever the upgrade script does before the first reboot. As usual the kaseya helpdesk focused on the wrong thing - trying to "educate" me as to how to run an upgrade, and not understanding whee the problem actually lies.

    We just gave up dealing with Kaseya and instead just wrote a procedure to re-enable the firewall which we run after upgrades.