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KES and Windows XP

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Noticed an issue that I am wondering if anyone else has seen, adn what they have done as a solution or workaround.  When you install KES on a WinXP machine the process called "System" goes from using ~75k of memory to ~118,000k  of memory.  Had some users complaining about performance so once I noticed this I unistalled KES from one of the workstations and they are reporting that performace is a ton better.

Is this what I should be seeing and if so any other options to resolve this?

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  • Anti-virus software adds overhead and consumes RAM and CPU resporces: this is to be expected of any AV product, or indeed any software that is "running" at all times.....however no, AVG doesn't seem to impact performance when correctly configured -- what options do you have set in the profile? e.g. setting resident shield to 'scan all files' will kill performance, for-sure.

  • Craig, I understand that AV will add some overhead, but it doesn't use these resources in Win7.  I test installed MS Security Essentials on an XP machine to test and it does's exibit this behavior.  My question is mainly is this what we should expect in WinXP with KES, and if anyone else has run into this behavior what have they done to compesate.

  • I don't see a problem. XP correctly shows increased use of resources when you install KES - this is expected behavior.

    AVG itself doesn't add significant additional load on the machine; yes AV has "an" impact - it has to it is performing additonal work - but this impact is minimal and not normally noticable to the client, UNLESS you have AVG incorrectly configured, OR the machine is so under-resourced that AVG causes it to run out of RAM, fill the disk, etc. in which case the machine should be upgraded anyhow.

    Once again, the key here in normal circumstances, is the settings in your AVG Profile. did you check the profile settings, as i suggested in my pevious message?