Since I'm sure everyone uses script to remove previous AV products on client machines I would like Kaseya to have a script, or a section, that lists what AV products Security Center is reporting. Then there should be a script, or set of buttons, to remove the outdated products after we confirm AV is removed via Add/Remove programs.

I understand that this could create an issue is someone removes the security center entry and leaves the AV product installed, but that is a separate issue.

Also Kaseya needs a way to list which AV is installed on a server. I recommend checking Add/Remove programs since Security Center isn't an option.



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Looks like we need to find a way up update security center AV program via script once we verify it has been removed through add/remove


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KES 2.2


The problem:

We are disappointed that the Conflicting Apps section on the KES Install/Remove screen no longer shows the specific drive+folder+file that identifies the actual conflicting application, and that there does not seem to be anyway to actually determine it (such as a hyperlink with a popup, or a mouse hover.)


Kaseya Response on forum:
This is not a problem.  In the previous version of KES, the Conflicting Apps was based on audit data and did not necessarily mean that another AV was installed.  The new version actually checks Windows Security Center and reports if any other AV is registered.  This means that the data is much more accurate.

So for example, let's say that Symantec was NOT installed on a machine but the file sav.exe was found on the hard drive (which is often the case, especially when buying machines from manufactures who load up their products with tons of installers).  In the previous version KES would've reported a possible conflict listing Symantec and pointing to c:\temp\installer\sav.exe, even though SAV was not installed.  In the new Version, KES checks Microsoft Security Center instead to see if any other AV is registered.  Since sav.exe was never installed, KES will not show a conflict.  In other words, with the new version of KES, if a conflict is shown, then the likelihood that another AV product is installed is significantly higher.

@Lloyd, I'm guessing that the AV conflicts you mentioned were still registered with MS Security Center, and most likely were never unregistered when uninstalled.

* note that servers do not have windows security center so conflict will not report in security>install/remove.  you will need to go to audit>machine summary>software>security products to see if an av is install on servers."