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Install from file source

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I've recently bought the KES module and are testing it's deployment.  Whenever i try to install the AV to an agent that has a file source specified it fails saying that it could not start the AVG installer.

If i try to deploy to the same machine but directly from the kserver it succeeds.  Has anybody seen this before who knows how to get around it?  I've tried various things and already know that the patch source test pass so access to the location and credentials are good.


Is there a specific set of files that need to be copied to the source location?


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, i don't fancy deploying to all the agents and have them all bring the install down from the internet!

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  • I've got the same problem. Have tried to determine the answer without success; e.g. adding the installer .exe and/or .pkg files to the lan path\kes, but with no success. hoping someone knows the correct path & filename...it's a pain to download 150kb to each client every time, only to have it fail and need to retry....

  • When I’ve tried the install there is a registry key change copied down to disable windows defender, that made me think that I’d found the location.  My understanding was that as with the patching if the relevant files didn’t exist on the source then they’d be downloaded there.