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High Number of AVG disabled alarms.

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Is anyone getting an extremely high number of alerts for AVG disabled? I am up to over 200 machines sinve since early this morning. On each machine that I have gotten an alarm on, the version is 9.0.902 271.1.1/3893 [KES]. I also see a warning message on each that AVG is reporting inconsistent staus codes with the icon next to the version number indicating a reboot is needed.

I am going to open a support ticket, but I wanted to check if anyone saw the same problem.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi, i do see the same behaviour but not on as many machines you report.

    can you keeps us posted on the outcome of K Support?

  • I have opened a ticket and I am waiting on a call back...

    It seems to be mostly affecting Windows 7 machines and a reboot fixes it, but I can't reboot 200+ machines during the day.

    Does anyone know if it's possible to create a view of machines where AVG is disabled?

  • W7 end worse....W2008 servers too

  • I got an update from Kaseya.  The ticket has been escalated to AVG to see if there is a workaround that doesn't require a reboot.

    Is it just me or is AVG a major source of frustration?

  • This is turning out to be quite painful.  It appears that Resident Shield remains disabled until the machine is rebooted.  End users are getting messages from Security Center that AVG is disabled.

  • Eli and Hans,


    I have asked AVG for further information about the AVG 914 update, and the interaction with resident shield.

    The program update includes a new version of Resident Shield driver (avgmfx86.sys). If the update process cannot replace a file with its new version, the replacement is planned on next reboot. The reason why a file cannot be replaced is issually that it is being hold by some other process. This is by design. However it is strange that Resident Shield is inactive. We were not able to reproduce the problem during testing.

    Unfortunately there is no workaround available. The computers will have to be rebooted which will fix it.




    Kaseya Support





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  • thanks Travis !

  • Travis,

    Thanks for your help.  This is the same information I received from my support ticket.  Unfortunately, this is another in a series of frustrations with AVG.  There have been several occasions where AVG has caused on issue that was highly visible to my customers and caused me and my co-workers to spend a significant amount of time remediating these issues and working with our customers to explain the issue.

    In most cases, there has never been a root cause of the problem identified. This makes me worried that the same issue will occur.  In at least one case this has happened.  There is an issue with endpoints incorrectly prompted the end user with a message stating that protection is about to expire.  This has happened multiple times and the best answer I was given amounts to "Let's hope it doesn't happen again."

    On top of the technical issues, it makes me and my company look bad to our customers because so many of these issues highly visible to the end users.  To the customer, we are either less skilled than we should be or we choose to utilize a company that is.  Either way, these recurring AVG issues are causing more headaches than I believe they should.

    Is anything being done to address this?