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AVG Install Issues

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When I try to install KES I get an error message that says "AVG removed by user", I check the procedure log and it shows everything went fine with no errors.  I have logged in to the servers that this is happening on and there is an AVG folder in the "Program Files" directory but it is empty.


Has anyone else had this? and if so how did you fix it?



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  • are you installing from a LAN source? you could try to install from your KServer and see how that goes

  • Check the avg install log in your kaseya working directory on your agent.  It may have some info in there.

    If all else fails, I've had luck doing the following when we used KES:

    1. Download and install AVG Free from AVG's website.

    2. Install AVG Free - it should fail.  When it fails, it will give you excellent information about why it failed.

    3. Fix the problem

    4. Keep trying to install AVG free until it installs successfully.

    5. When it does install, uninstall it.

    6. Push KES and it should install now.

  • Hey Hans

    Thanks for the reply however I am using the Kserver as the source for all the ones that are giving me a headache.

    Dan:  Thanks that sounds like a bit of a pain however that sounds like it will work to find out what the issue is, I will give that a try right now.


  • Just had the same problem myself. All I ended up having to do was reboot the machine. I reboot the machine, re-deployed (as Hans suggested, do a deployment from the KServer just in case), and that got KES installed and working.

  • We've been seeing this problem a lot lately - it usually happens when malware messes up the permissions of the following registry key:

    HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows NT/CurrentVersion/Windows

    If you browse to this key and get a permissions error when you click on it, you need to re-grant administrators permissions on the key from regedit.  To do this, you may have to make the administrator the owner of the key (under "advanced" -> owner), then make sure that administrators have full access.  You can only do this when logged into the computer with administrator rights.