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AVG GUI showing 'Last Scan' months ago, but Kaseya showing all scanning is up-to-date

  • Hello,


    We have an issue with a client's server(s).


    Kaseya AV is installed, and the dashboard is showing the scans as completed.  The logs show a definite start time and and end time a couple hours later - so it looks to be working from there.


    But when I look at the AVG GUI on the Server, it shows the "Last Scan" being a few months ago. 


    When I go to 'Computer Scanner' in the AVG GUI,  Scheduled  Scans is turned off.  Should it be set this way ? I figure that Kaseya sends a command of its own to AVG and starts a scan itself - so there is no reason for it to be enabled on the AVG side or else 2 scans would start.


    Is this normal behaviour that the AVG console shows the last scan out of date ?


    Thanks for any help ! Surprise

  • This is normal behavior.  The KES scheduled and processed scans are handled at the API level of the AVG application, and do not report properly to the UI on the endpoint.  Because of this, the "Last Scan" on the endpoint is not going to be accurate.



    Kaseya Support