We have a small stream of tickets raised by our customer base where running AVG8.5/9 (with KES) on a terminal server causes actual server harm.  I'm guessing the percentages are less than a few percentage of all terminal servers out there...but that still is a scary number given the impact of having AVG take the server down / blue screen / locking it up.  After talking with the team here, we are making the decision to suggest to folks to *not* use KES on terminal servers.

We are working hard on Kaseya Antivirus which integrates the Kaspersky anti-virus suite.  These products appear to have far more deployments on the server environments including versions that are certified for terminal server environments.


 Does this mean that if you already have KES deployed we won't support you?  We will absolutely support you and so will AVG.  My concern is the impact of a problem as highlighted in other threads on this forum. 

If you want to use KES on terminal server what should you do?  Make sure you back up the machine prior to installing.  Test it out thoroughly.

Should I remove KES if its already installed on a server?  No - any problems found are going to happen pretty much right away.