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Errors deploying KAV - Error On Endpoint: . Could not find section: AVService

  • Getting random issues deploying KAV. The software itself is loaded and sees working ont he server if i check directly, but Kaseya console reports errors.

    It says the product is installed, but nothing elses, see errors below and screenshot

    Error On Endpoint: . Could not find section: AVService
    Update Definition Error On Endpoint: . Failed to set action : Script error. startUpdateDefinition@executeActionOnTask
    Update Profile Error On Endpoint: . Could not find section: AVService

    Anyone saw this before?

  • - I know most people with KAV problems become fed up after a while and decide to move away. We stuck with it too long for sure. Trying to get KAV to behave has been responsible for about 3 years of my worst Kaseya experiences and frustrating moments you can imagine.

    We migrated over 6000 agents to Webroot about a year ago now and that's really about 10 times less likely to give you any issues. Really true, that a big a difference. A fraction of the time spent trying to upgrade, struggling with removing and installing.

    You can't compare Webroot with KAV as the sort of product and the level of integration with Kaseya don't match. You loose something there, not much reporting, no integration with executive summary, to give you an idea. But you gain a whole lot of time by not having to chase KAV around the block. It's up to you, but you should look into it.

  • Did you confirm if the Kaspersky Endpoint Security Service present on those endpoints?

  • Yup it is present, the install seemed to have happened and the product is there, its just not reporting back correctly. And we have also discovered that this is only affection new installs on windows 2008 / 2008 R2 machines. All the 2012/2016 installs worked fine. And well 2019 blue screened, but i understand thats a known issue

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