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  • Hi,

    what are you using as Antivirus on Mac Machines? And how to control it? Will Mac be supported by KES oder KAV soon?


    Regards Jens

  • We currently use clamxav and McAfee VirusScan. ClamXAV is free but very slow.

    Last year i wrote a forum post howto install and scan using clamxav and kaseya (community.kaseya.com/.../50331.aspx). I haven't updated it but it may still work.

    I haven't created a script to monitor McAfee VirusScan yet but i will look into that next week. Stay tuned.

  • KAV will support in near future OSX

  • Hi, any news on monitoring mac AV? We need any antivirus monitored here for a cutomer on mac.

  • Same as above - any news?

  • There is no current ETA to provide AV support for OSX outside of deploying an off-the-shelf solution with Agent Procedures.

  • Why do you Mac guys want AV anyway? Don't you guys usually say that Macs don't get viruses?

  • We continue to pickup more clients who have some Macs on their networks. Politically speaking, it is becomig more and more of a problem that we cannot provide any AV protection.

    Does anyone know if there is any news on mac AV?

  • Kaspersky supports Macs and we'll look to adopt it as part of the KAV / security module integration.  No timeframe yet as we need the management APIs to do so which are due out Q2 of 2012.


  • Great News. Its been a gap in our service offerings for too long.

  • Thanks for the update Jeff. I agree with @Curtis, that is good news. Please keep pushing for this feature for us.  As always - the sooner the better!


  • *push*

    @Jeff: Any updates here? In the past days two ugly things came up ... OSX/Sabpab-A and LuckyCat! So we have to preotect our Mac-Customers! Urgent!

  • When I asked about this at Kaseya Connect, the response was basically "not this year." It sounded like the earliest that we would see KAV for Mac is Kaseya 6.5 - which puts it into 2013 (bummer.)

    It was also suggested that with 6.5 (I don't think it was 6.4) that KAV, KES, and KAM would all be rolled together into a single module that would manage all three.

    I suppose it's within the realm of possibility that the recent spate of Mac malware lights a fire under the KAV-Mac-Dev-behind.... but it didn't sound too promising for 2012.

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  • Hello Kerry,

    did you have any workaround in use?

  • We just picked a client with 90% MACs! We need this functionality asap.