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BUDR and Tapes - GFS

  • Hello everybody.
    I have a set of 6 tapes that we used with ntbackup, we used to send the tape # 5 (friday) to a remote localtion -we have 2 tapes #5. We implemented GFS tapes rotation.
    Now we have BUDR I wants to use the tapes to keep the same strategy we used with ntbackup (GFS). The tape unit is hidden because it was marked as a backup unit and Kaseya doesn't show it so I cannot use it as an image location.
    Is there any way I can set the tape drive as an image location? Anyone who has implemented GFS using BUDR?
    Thanks in advance.

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  • BUDR is a Disk to Disk solution, it doesnt provide support for tape.

    If you want to use your tape backup you could copy the .tib files to tape for transport off site. The best method though would be to use the offsite replication functions of BUDR to keep your backups secure.

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  • I do believe you can go through the GUI and set up the backup to tape and then email the alert to you. This would be independant of kaseya monitoring and would have to look at the email logs daily to confirm if successful or not

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