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Offsite CLient Ignore List??

  • I have a volume backup I'm trying to get working with offsite synthetic full. Right now it just uploads each new full image rather than complete the synthetic process on the offsite server. I see this script has run in the pending script history on the local machine:

    Add to Offsite Client Ignore List - 72207309 8:50:19 am 16-Jan-09 Success THEN *System*

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  • Nick got back to me on this...

    "(FYI, the Offsite Ignore list is used to tell the offsite process to ignore the full backup tib file while synthetic full backups are in process. Were it taking effect, then the full tib file would not be replicating, but it definitely is. The fact that this script is running is not a mystery, but why it runs and Offsite Synthetic Full does not is a mystery.)"

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