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Synchronising .pst files from windows client machine to Mac server

  • We have a client who has a Mac server with a number of Windows XP machines on its domain. Due to some recent file locking problems we have been having we have had to move user's outlook .pst files to the local machines. The only problem is they are now not being backed up. We would like to utilize the off site replication feature within Kaseya to synchronize .pst files to a directory on the server where they can be picked up by the online backup.
    I have tried to test this locally (here in our office) between two machines on the same domain (also both on Kaseya). However I'm getting "Active
    Communication with the offsite server was unexpectedly broken" under the status column. Can anyone shed any light on this?


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  • Accessing PST files over the network has never been supported by Microsoft (there is a KB article regarding this). MS does have a tool called something like Personal Folder Backup that backs up local PST files to a network share. You could script the install because I think it's an MSI. You would then need to configure each computer.


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