I've never had major issues with Kaseya as a company before. I've been pushed to tipping point.

After installing BUDR v3.0 (beta product, I know) I was unable to backup to an offsite server. Backups to the Local Server worked, but despite being able to connect to the offsite server from the local server manually via telnet, Offsite tests and transfers via Kaseya failed. What's more is while attempting to connect to the offsite server, the local server launches and never closes several hundred curl.exe processes. I've been rebooting or running taskkill to resolve the issue.

I began a support issue on this in November. The tech offered some suggestions then closed the ticket. I re-opened and continued to work on it with the tech for the remainder of the week, updating it on Dec 2. I'VE NEVER HEARD BACK. I opened up another ticket. NO RESPONSE. My concierge and account manager have contacted the support director, but there's been no update to the tickets, not even a "working on it". Seriously, if any of us ran our businesses like this, we'd be finished.

I'm wondering if I can put my support payments into escrow?Wink

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