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INcremental backup failing

  • Our INCREMENTAL backup is failing with the error:

    Backup failed - Backup process was interrupted and did not complete

    No other indicaiton as to why. Is there anywhere we can look?

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  • If you look in the script log for the agent in question you will find an entry that states "FAILED in processing THEN step 4, Delete File, with error File Access Failed, C:\temp\volBackupLog.xml." I think it also places an entry in the system log that states that the file can't be accessed because it is read only.

    I began to have this issue sporadically on several machines after my K2K8 update. Most often you can initiate a backup manually and it will work, though sometimes it will also fail. I began logging this issue week one of my upgrade and have yet to hear anything back other than "we are working on this issue" and "your issue has been passed to the relevant specialist..."

    Post back if you hear anything else regarding this issue please, it still pops up for me on and off.

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