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Disk vs. Tape

  • Is Tape dead yet?

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  • I would say it's close. We are finding less and less people wanting tape.

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  • For those no longer using tape, how do you go about taking backups off-site? On-line backups to a data centre require a huge amount of bandwidth to do anything serious and external hard drives have a limited life span if moved around too much. I am just interested to hear what other people are doing.

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  • Tapes are still very effective for long term storage (usually for archival purposes) due to their shelf life.

    While we're recommending them less and less, they still have a place in the world. And we ALWAYS recommend a multi-layered approach to backups - data protection is the business of IT.

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  • In our experience, even with people taking the drives off-site each day, that life span is still around one and half to two years. Have at least three drives in rotation... If one fails, ship them a new one. Now that being said, we're using the off-site features to transfer the data from our customers anyway. It's a lot of data, no question about that. But it's feasible with a few proceses (and good WAN connections) in place. Typically we'll take a full backup when we know we'll have a tech on-site the next day. The tech then copies the full image and brings it to our data center. Then we only have to worry about off-site of the incrementals (which can still be 3 or 4 gigs a day, but it's certainly more manageable than a 60GB full image).


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  • Hog wash; tape is alive! When people say "tape is dead", I think "and mainframes are too ... OH! but thank godz my bank uses zSeries or I'd be down!"

    They're not dead because hard disks are random access devices. A db dump, like the big vendors provide, can literally stream data to the tape drive. VLDB's are still backed up to tape because some tape drives have faster linear data transfer rates than hard drives. LTO's come to mind. People rave about their latest SATA speeds. HAH! Those are burst rate tests with relatively small blocks of data; tape drives do better at high, sustained rates and very large data blocks. This is simply the fastest way to get very large backups.

    Some friends who play with the big boys *cough* (AT&T, Verizon, IBM) talk about backing up petabytes of information in small time frames. Of course they're also talking about libraries that are so big and have so many drives running simultaneously that you walk into the library! like the old mainframe days!! Smile (StorageTek's libraries comes to mind.) You're talking about DAT drives in small businesses, so yes "tape is dead" to the SOHO; but DAT/DLT isn't all there is in the tape backup world. And as other's mentioned, customers who work with government must store offsite for years. There are a couple of vaults in US mountains that have huge catalogs of tapes for this very purpose. (Arsenal Digital comes to mind... oh but it's Big Blue now)

    Alex also mentioned the pro's to tape. Our current problem in the B&R world for "streaming" offsite backups is limited bandwidth and data size. The backups that customers want offsite are typically big; these backups need thorough compression/decompression on both ends and still like a pretty fat pipe to get a compressed backup transmitted during the limited window of opportunity. There are some companies working on a solution but nothing (AFAIK) has come close to 120MB/s rates or tape's data integrity -- loss of packets over the WAN, etc.

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  • Data indicate that sales for LTO drives and zSeries(9) systems are rising! Smile Of course, I'll admit that both fill a niche market that Kaseya is not touching.

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