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Tape Support?

  • As far as I can see, there's nothing built into the BU*DR module to make use of Acronis' native tape drive support - so I have the following two questions/comments:

    1. Is there a way to use that (i.e. some kind of wierd pathing statement that will allow images to be written to a tape device) within Kaseya?

    2. [more for the Kaseya admins that read this forum] Is there any thought towards making this functionality available in some way? It would definitely make offsiting backup data more flexible.

    My thought is this: A typical environment sees images being made of the server and of the workstations. I would like to then have a separate job that takes an "image" of the location where all of these images are stored, and run it off to tape (such as an LTO2, which would have plenty of capacity for a normal small-business server and a handfull of workstations)

    Right now, for clients that have good tape hardware and wish to continue using it, we recommend Kaseya imaging, then Symantec BackupExec to put those images onto tape for offsiting... it would be great to eliminate Symantec from the equation entirely, especially since the underlying technology (Acronis) states that it supports using tape.

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  • The only thought I have on this would be to writea script that runs NTbackup. Its not a great backup program, but it would serve the purpose of writing the Acronis images to the tape.

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  • Would running Acronis locally work to tape? You loose the ability to schedule it at monitor it from Kaseya but I think it can natively write to tape.

    to run locally browse the acronis folder under program files and find the executable. that is the full blown version of Acronis including scheduling.

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  • I would imagine that as a point solution, that would work well-since, as you say, it is the full version of the product... however, that's somewhat beside the point; if I wanted to use something locally I wouldn't pick Acronis in the first place - the strength of its appeal is its integration with Kaseya... without the ability to schedule, alarm, and report on it centrally, it ceases to add value to the product.

    I have taken advantage of the "run it locally" aspect of the product on occasion, though (although not to tape.) It is a good point to make, so thanks for the comment.

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