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Backing up a NAS with Kaseya

  • I have a customer with than needs to backup a NAS device and we are trying to find a way to do it with Kaseya.

    I have called Kaseya support and they suggested running an off site replication to a server and then backing up the server. This is impractical for the customer. Their NAS device has 800 GB of data on it and if they had a server with 800 GB of free space they wouldn't need need the NAS.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to backup the NAS with Kaseya?

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  • Could use an external drive subsystem attached to the server andreplicate the data to it? Eventually you would end up with our problem of too much storage space and no way of backing it up. We use Freedom 9's freestor Xpand 1500C which gives a good amount of directly attachedspace to the server. Tapes and autoloaders are too expensive for most of our clients while HDs are cheap,how do you back up 3TB or more toan offsite location or device a client can easily take offsite? Since the device attaches by SCSI interface we can backup using Kaseya but to what? Bandwidth is an issue andonsite backups run at night to the device.

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    but will a folder copy accept a unc path?

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  • It isn't through Kaseya, but this might help you. I stumbled on a tool recently called SyncBack from 2BrightSparks.com. It works by comparing the files in the source and destination folders and can either backup one folder to another or synchronize two folders. It can send data across the network in multiple ways (UNC, FTP) and can zip the contents of the backup. It also has the ability to run a program before and after it runs a job. I you can script a VPN connection,you could initiate a VPN connection before a job and close it down after the job to maintain security. You would need a computer to run this from, but it would not have to store the data.

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