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  • After testing the backup module for awhile now, i've got some questions. I thought this would be the best place to bring them to so that everyone could get involved.

    1. Disk compression- Where is it?
    We were told that Kaseya BUDR would provide a 2:1 ratio for disk compression yet when i back upa 20 GB server, the backup file is 20 GB.

    2.Better Log files- Where are they?
    The backup logs and status pages are pretty limited. Look at the logs from Backup Exec, they provide details into why backups failed down to the file it failed on. This makes troubleshooting backup issues MUCH easier. The Kaseya BUDR logs are comparative to binary; the backup failed or passed, zero or one. We need to know why it failed.

    3. Open File Backups- Canit be done?
    I've used Kaseya BUDR to backup our exchange server. The size of the backup file is 7 GB but the size of my Exchange server is 23 GB. So why isn't it backing up the Exchange Store? What about working database files? Will they be backed up?

    4.Best Practices- Where are they?
    Best practices for servers and workstations both. Recommended backup frequency and how many full backups to keep should be included. How about best practices for backing up specialty servers like Exchange and SQL? (since they contain open files) How about best practices for restoring? (especially best practices for exchange and SQL) Can you restore a mailbox in exchange or do you have to restore the entire server?

    I am fully aware that this is a new product for Kaseya, butclients are going to use this to replace their current production backup strategy. If our clients are going to purchase this service from us, then it needs to work...and it needs to work better then whatthey have.

    I look forward to seeing some replies...

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  • CMD,

    After going through the Kaseya training I have learned that the Kaseya BUDR is created using Acronis technology. This may become helpful if you do not see anyone posting here. Acronis may be a good place to start and drop an email out to them, like most companies they may be able to provide you a list of Error messages & or descriptions to help with your #2 Question.

    As far as the rest of your question I don't seem to know much more then you on the Kaseya BUDR technology feature. I however would also be interested in anyone that currently uses this feature, as to provide somebest practices and even what features it offers. Because this is an additional feature the training didn't get to in depth with this probably because it is an optional module.

    Also if anyone channel partner or Forum Administrator can comment what version of Acronis that Kaseya incorporates is this would help a great deal. Hard to find resources on something you don't know the version of.

    Thank you,

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  • Just adding my $0.02 here (but I'm allowed, I'm a paying customer of BUDR).

    Because I'm paying Kaseya, not Acronis, I'm going to ask Kaseya questions on their BUDR solution, and hold THEM responsible for the results. They can hold Acronis responsible in turn if they want, but I consider it Kaseya's responsibility to provide a working solution.

    After all, like my customers expect of me, I am paying for a solution, not a pretty piece of software. I expect it to work, work well, and most importantly, work as advertised.

    If it can't work as advertised, I expect the price to be renegoiated based on reduced value. At the end of the day this is a business transaction, so I'm paying money for a service - if I don't get all the service, they aren't due all my money.

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  • I have pretty much teh same questions. One of the problems kaseay seems to have is very slow response from Acronis we are now working for about 4 weeks on a install issure that is still not resolved.....

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  • I would just like to see some detailed documentation for 4.6. That would be a start.

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  • Heads up folks - just found out from Rob in Support that BUDR does NOT support x64 clients. Windows Server 2003 x64, Longhorn x64, Vista x64...unsupported at present time.

    Which majorly sucks for us, as our primary Virtual Server is running Win2003 x64 with MS VS x64, and we have VERY good performance with it.

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  • I just sent this email off to my Kaseya sales rep. I suggest you do the same. BUDR leaves a lot to be desired and the primary tool for partners to gain information on specific issues, these forums, well....blows.

    What is the point of the Kforums? That’s somewhat rhetorical, but my point is that there is almost no Kaseya representation. It seems there is no one assigned to follow up on hot issues. I would consider the forums to be an ideal place to track issues and steer dev/hotfixes.

    Instead it’s purely user based and run. It’s tribal knowledge all the way. The bits of information that were helpful were from other users who discovered their knowledge not through help or training, but purely by accident or because of a specific service call.

    In every subtopic there are partners asking for help and important issues that are raised that are never resolved or even addressed by an official Kaseya rep.

    My expectation is that the forums are moderated by trained Kaseya reps. For issues that indicate work stoppage or product malfunction, the reps should jump in and address the issue. For training, they should post relevant training resources. Someone should be assigned to the Forums FULL TIME.

    Why is this so difficult? Opening a “forum” and leaving it to the users is sad excuse for support for what we pay for the product. Not every request requires a helpdesk ticket with Kaseya, but by the same token not every request should be the responsibility of the community to answer.

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  • What I would like tosee is Kaseya take a little ownership of the problems. We have had recurring backup problems at a customer since 4.6. I open a ticket with Kaseya and the give a pointer and close the ticket without waiting to see if that was actually the issue or not. They are doing what I yell at my techs for doing by assuming they know exactly what the issue is wihout engaging the customer throw some quick solution at it and close it to make their stats look good.

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