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Offsite Backups/Synthetic Fulls - Recovering after an Error

  • I had a situation where an error occurred during one of my backups and it tried to replicate the Full Backup. Needless to say, the replication got behind. The following is an example of what my Local Server and Offsite Servers look like:


    Local Server

    Week 1            Tibs 1-8

    Week 2            Tibs 1-8

    Week 3            Tibs 1-8

    Week 4            Tibs 1-3


    Offsite Server

    Week 1            Tibs 1-2

    Week 2            Tibs -

    Week 3            Tibs -

    Week 4            Tibs –


    If I re-seed Week 1-4 from the Local Server to the Offsite Server, and the Week 4 Tibs 4-8 replicate to the Offsite Server (stays in synch), will Kaseya know to create the Synthetic Full for Week 5? Can it determine that the full is already there and not try to create a Synthetic Full for Week 2, 3, 4)?


    If an error occurs and it does a regular Full backup on the Local Server, do you have to start over from scratch and perform an Initial Synthetic Full? Or if you seed the Full, will it perform the Synthetic the next time it goes to run a Full Backup?



  • Hi Bill,

    you will indeed have to do a reseeding or just wait for the full to be transfered over the wire.

    Have you set "synthetic full re-attempt option" to 4? it really helped for us !

  • Where do you set that option (synthetic full re-attempt)?

  • bump! same question.

  • Under Schedule Volumes > Alt+Left click on the Synthetic Full Icon