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View for machines with BUDR installed?

  • Does anyone have a reliable method for creating views for machine with BUDR installed?  I would like to make views for machines with Acronis installed and the version of Acronis installed.  I have been trying to use executables, but I am not finding a common executable and having trouble specifying the version.


  • Yes this would be very handy.  Will post back if I find a way.  Probably just need to check for the acronis app.


  • Hello,

    You should be able to create a view using the main program executable "acrocmd.exe" and version string > '11' 

    Can you see if this returns the correct agents for you.



  • you can go to the back up tab and select majority of the menus

    Schedule volumes

    image location


    and these menus will only show machine that have budr installed

  • Thanks this was better than what I was using.