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Backing up Exchange with BuDR

  • Is anyone using BuDR to backup an Exchange database (using VSS)?

    I scheduled the folder backup on the exchange database and enabled VSS. I got a successful backup but dont know if the backup is any good because typically Acronis uses an add-on to backup exchange correctly. 

  • We use BUDR to back up over 30 Exchange servers. We typically do full disk image rather than folder image and I do not know if that makes a difference. We have done successful restores from these backups.

    Also, if you are only using BUDR to back up Exchange you will need to set the information stores to use Circular Logging, otherwise the Exchange log files will build up and fill the disk. Turning on circular logging reduces your restore options - and generally not advised - but we have not found it to be an issue in real life.

  • Thanks Andy. Exactly what i was looking for

  • BUDR does NOT perform a true exchange aware backup. Never has. This is why the mistaken advice about circular logging is given above. Kaseya's advice.. community.kaseya.com/.../perform-a-backup-of-sql-ms-exchange-using-budr-pre-post-procedures.aspx however this still won't perform a proper exchange aware backup or truncate the logs.

    If you enable VSS within BUDR, you can get a consistent file-level backup that *should* restore OK (Exchange will flag the DB as dirty however), but you still won't get logs being truncated -- thus the horrible hack of circular logging being required. ugh.

    At best you can restore the whole exchange DB to a point-in-time (which you could then perhaps mount as a DAG?). forget about granular mailbox restore.

    BUDR is a simple block based backup routine - it cannot completely reliably and correctly backup Exchange, SQL, sharepoint or anything else that uses a live database engine as its back end. Period.