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Off-site Backup Mirror

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Hi There,

 We are setiing up our first off-site BUDR Mirror server for a client. I have managed to get it all going, the setup was easy enough. It doesn't seem that we can create an archive on the remote server that holds more backups than the current "live" BUDR server.

 For our client this is not advantagious, they would like to have the option of restoring a server to a backup created for instance more than 6 months ago. We keep 4 backup sets on the BUDR server. Is this possible?

Please give me some ideas, I know it must be possible without making backups to external media - been there, done that.


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  • Hi Herman

    The Offsite BUDR mirror is exactly that, it hold an exact copy of the onsite BUDR system. It doesnt provide an archive facility.

    Having said that it should be relatively simple to write a Kaseya Procedure to copy the BUDR Mirror sets to an archive area on your offsite server. I agree it would be even better if it was inbuilt into the product, so that you could select an offsite archive 'copies to keeep' value.

    So your K Procedure would need to:-

    1) Copy the oldest Folder from your BUDR Mirror to an Archive directory

    2) SCan the Archive Folder and remove any directiries older than your copies to keep value

    Hope that helps