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Off Site Backups

  • Well we recovered from the bad hard drive, and restored our kserver.  Now we want to move forward and do a off site backup. 

    I have setup an offsite backup machine, but when I tried to push the program across, it looks like it is working, but then a message appears "waiting for installation" (or something to that effect, I am not in front of that computer at this time)  C:\Kaseya\WebPages\ManagedFiles\VSAHiddenFiles\BUDR\AcronisTrueImageServer.msi was applied to the kserver.  It still did not install on the remote machine.

    Second issue:

    We have several client servers running the BUDR created with 6.1, and I noticed there was a message (in red) about acronis, but I thought that was for an earlier version.  Do I need to "patch" my client servers for the remote backup to run?


  • Moving to 6.2 and updating BUDR latest version on remote offsite server shall help.

  • We did move to 6.2, but can't seem to update the BUDR on the remote offsite server.  No error message, it just dosn't install.

  • what OS is on it? what BUDR version is on it? what is .net version on it? any dot net installation error etc. while patching it?