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Can you Manually run Budr 4.0 offsite synthetic fulls?

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  • i currently have multiple client sites running Synthetic full backup. In general this is working pretty well.

    It only becomes an issue when the offsite server has an issue or unexpected restart.

    When this happens it inevitably causes at least one Synthetic Full job to fail causing a seed load to be done ( i have set it to 5 retries but once the process is under way it will perform another retry - say if the machine restarts halfway through)

    there must be a procedure i can start to perform the synthetic full manually? but i can not find it.

    Anyone got any ideas how to get it to run manually?

  • Technically, the synthetic full backup is a command line with variables, just like any other procedure in kaseya. You might get a start on sorting out what that is by loading up proc explorer from sys-internals suite while a synthetic full is running, and then view the process command line.