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Full backups running instead of synthetic fulls

  • Hi chaps,


    We have a problem with some client machines performing full backups rather than synthetic full backups. The machines are set to run synthetic backups every 7 days. The backup logs show that a Full backup has been run (normally you would see that a synthetic full has been run) but there isn't a reason.


    We would expect to see something like "Full backup performed as previous backup was not found" or something else explaining why a full backup was run instead of a synthetic full backup. But in these particular instances we don't get any reason stated. 


    Anyone else seen this? Anyone know how we can make it run a synthetic full instead ?



  • why not check your image location for free space..

    although it should give a error if image location is not enough but give it a try..

    Look for hidden synthetic options...

    If you could please post a snapshot of ur backup config...and Log file of last full backup day.