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Backup install keeps failing on Windows 2003 DC Servers

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I keep getting backup failed when I try to install backup on a W2K3 DC.  I had it installed on before but had issues so I uninstalled and now can't seem to get it reinstalled.   The agent procedure status show success on backup installation but fail on the Verify.

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  • Is there any install logs on the machine, when you uninstalled was it completely removed (files / folders / registry etc) - did you reboot after you uninstalled.

    Is there anything in the event log files? - if you download the installer and run it manually does it run?

  • I did make sure it was removed.  How do you run it manually?  And if I do run it manually does Kaseya recognize that it's installed as one time I had it installed and I could run it from the server but Kaseya didn't recognzie that it was installed so I couldn't schedule backups throug Kaseya.

    I did reboot several times as well.

  • If you look under the install/remove function for backup, you'll see a button that says verify install. This will find it, and allow K to manage it.

  • Where do I download the installer from so I can manually install?

  • It should already be on your K server. Search it for MSI files and you'll find it (it's pretty big too).

  • Probably the configuration is not fully cleaned of BUDR setup. The best suggestion would be to file a ticket at support. They might be able to give you instructions or tools to clean the installation before re-attempting a new install.


  • I get it to install but the verification part fails at step 15.  where can I find all the steps for the verification part so I can troubleshoot that.

  • if you set the driver signing policy manually you should be good to go !

    a. Open the LocalSecurity Policy tool on the server (Administrative Tools - LocalSecurity Policy)

    b. Navigate toSecurity Settings - Local Policies - Security Options - Devices:unsigned driver installation behavior

    c. Double click this item and select Silently Succeed.

    d. Click OK

  • this is a domain controller so it doesn't have a LocalSecurity Policy under Administrative tools, just the Domain Security Policy which I set to silently succeed.

    I can get it installed just the verification part fails on step 15.  I don't know what exactly that step is but that seems to be the problem.