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Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 is coming....when will we see it in BUDR?

  • http://www.acronis.com/new-backup-recovery/#features

    Slated for release June 21st....one of the stated features is 'Integrated Data Protection' -  it looks like you don't need separate agents for Exchange/SQL backup any longer:

    Integrated data protection gives you a data-centric view for granular access to specific data within backups. As a result, you get the benefits of data and system bare-metal recovery in one product with a single-pass backup.

    Acronis offers you integrated support for applications such as Microsoft® Exchange Server or Microsoft® SQL Server®. Thanks to deep catalog capabilities, easily browse, search and restore different versions of individual files or emails even from image backups – across all locations, whether local, remote or tape.

    I've been told for the last 3+ years that Exchange/SQL integration in BUDR was 'coming soon' so I'm hoping that day has finally arrived.  AppAssure is nice, but I've already purchased and paid for 500 BUDR licenses (and continue to pay maintenance...) and have been suffering with the red-headed stepchild version (apologies to red-headed stepchildren) of Acronis that we get in BUDR.  Between the missing Exchange/SQL support, VSS problems, vanishing UI, broken HyperV implementation, grey screens, and hot-fix problems I *really* think we're due for some good news!

    Does anyone at Kaseya have any information on when we will see this version integrated into Kaseya?  I'm paraphrasing here, but I was told last winter that Kaseya's arrangement with Acronis was updated so that BUDR releases will come shortly after new Acronis releases and that they will have feature parity.  Can we expect finally to get the 'real deal' and not some crippled torn apart version?

  • I guess not by the lack of response. :o(

  • intresting, hope Brendan can look into this when he is back from his holiday :-)

  • "I'mmmmm baaaaaack!"  I look into this today and let you know what I find out.

  • Maybe it'll come with the Acronis GUI instead of the non-useful one that Kaseya has?  I mean the Acronis GUI comes FREE with Acronis anyway -- why it's not included, or why it was changed in the first place, is beyond me.

  • I wonder was it the whole OEM deal as in we are supplying the engine for you to do backup and restore but you are not getting the full product essentially we could install from kaseya and then never actually use kaseya to manage the jobs if we had wanted to. Without the GUI this becomes very difficult.

  • Possibly, but I know for a fact you can install the Acronis GUI console with the .msi extracted from the Acronis trial version .exe and it works with Kaseya's Acronis implementation.  I've read the licensing from Acronis and as far as I can tell, this is not against the licensing or terms.  Until Kaseya shows us the licensing terms they have with Acronis, I have to assume that it's perfectly fine to do this in order to get around the crappy Kaseya GUI.

    So I just push the Acronis GUI after I push BUDR, HEH!

  • i like that a lot - so how do i get my hands on the MSI - is the trial not a newer version than the one we have...?

    would you be up for a dropbox session :o)

  • This has been discussed in a different thread.  Acronis removed the GUI from all OEM vendors.  Kaseya development scrambled to develop and provide our partners with a workable GUI, albeit lighter weight than what Acronis offers.  As far as I know, no other Acronis OEM vendor spent the time or resources to develop such a GUI.

  • Sucks that Acronis did that.

    @mmartin - I sent you a friend invite thing on the forums here, apparently that's needed in order to send PMs

  • What sucks more than Acronis doing it is that Kaseya entered an OEM agreement that let it happen.  Speaking for myself, I would NOT have purchased BUDR in the first place if I had known that critical features that we used everyday could suddenly vanish.  It never occurred to me that I'd have to ask in advance if key product features present today might suddenly disappear in the future.

    It's even worse than that because we needed some of the improvements in BUDR 4 but could only get them by giving up other things we used all the time (the disk cloning option for example).  To me, it's like taking your car in for some warranty work but finding out that Toyota's agreement with Garmin changed, and in order to get your warranty work done they had to remove the built-in navigation system from your dashboard.  But don't worry, they gave you a shiny new Thomas Guide in its place.  Yes, you can get from point A to point B with it, but it's not exactly what you paid for (to put it mildly).

    At this point, I'm less concerned with the GUI (thanks to some creative work-arounds!) and more concerned with getting the next version SOON and with the feature parity we've been promised (Exchange/SQL/AD awareness).  

  • So what's up with the lack of synthetic full support for encrypted backups and folder backups on the new verson 10x?  Am I missing something?  Aren't these pretty significant features to suddenly stop supporting?

  • Any word on when this version will be available? (bump)

  • Brendan and I were discussing this thread today and he asked me to jump in with a response.

    We are working closely with Acronis to remedy the shortcomings that we have all encountered in moving to ABR10.  Top on our list of requests to Acronis are the return of:

    -The Acronis UI

    -Synthetic fulls for file and folder

    -Encrypted backups (not just passworded but also encrypted) synthetic full backups.

    We know that losing these features from Acronis 9.x to ABR10 is not advantageous for any of us.  Please know that we are doing our very best to provide these to you just as fast as we can in working with Acronis.

    We want to solve these existing issues for our customers in the short-tem and will look to future versions and determine if an upgrade is the best thing for our customers.  Kaseya's goal is to evolve the functionality and stability of products and we will take a serious look at any new versions before we deliver to the market.



  • Hi Mike,

    that is good news ! do you have any indication on the timepath for this?