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  • Hi,

    If you use BUDR as your primary backup solution, how do you have it setup. I'm only starting to use it and I was thinking for each customer we use BUDR to have local NAS drive on site for a scheduled full each Sunday and incrementation all over times.

    Then for the off site as we aren't ready to use the off site section within BUDR I was thinking of having two external 1TB drives which are rotated each night and full backup each evening with the previous nights backup being took off site then swap the following day.

    Does this seem correct? And is anyone one else running a similar backup process with success or can suggest a better way?

    Thanks in advance


  • I am in the process of doing something similar.  We have 13 different sites.  For each one I am going to put in a Synology diskstation for the local backups, then have a machine offload the backups to an offsite server once a week.  A benefit of the diskstations is that they will also upload to Amazon S3 which might be the way to go if you want offsite without having to worry about an offsite server.