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Looking for feedback before starting trial

  • My name is Glenn. I work as an Engineer for a services provider in Brisbane.

    We use Kaseya for our monitoring and are now exploring the BUDR functionality. After researching the forums and sales materials we are ready to start in an in-house trial. Before I started I wanted to firstly introduce myself to the forums, no doubt I'll spend some time in here for a while as we work out the tricks to it all. Secondly I was hoping to get some tips and suggestions on what I have in mind as a long term solution for our clients and a bit of a wish list of what I would like to have and whether it's possible.

    I imagine this will be a rolling thread so I'll start with some simple stuff first.

    Thank you to all who take the time to read and reply.

    Local Image Repository:
    I am thinking each site has a local beefed up redundant workstation. The workstation will act as the image repository for all server and desktop images. The advantage of using a workstation over a NAS is that the network speed will be around 35Mbp/s instead of the typical 8-12Mbp/s the low end NAS drives get. It also means in the event of a disaster we can initiate a restore to a VM or VHD on the PC itself and allow the client to continue working and emailing while the server is replaced. All remotely.

    Restore points:
    We would like to offer clients an option for the number of restore points we will maintain. For example a client may like to have a daily restore option of 2 weeks then a first of the month restore point for 3 years. With ShadowProtect (a product I have a number of years experience with) I can configure Image Manager to consolidate multiple incrementals into a single incremental file per day, week and month. The ideal scenario for us would be to have a daily incemental which after 2 weeks is consolidated into a single file. After a month each weekly file is consolidated into a monthly file to provide their monthly restore point. Is this possible with BUDR?

    Offsite Replication:
    For the clients who want this feature we will connect them to an ISP which will have our storage servers hosted. The ISP will be able to offer up to 10Mbp/s with uncapped data.

    Workstation Rollout:
    For the larger clients we will create a sysprep'd workstation image which we can set up on the local and offisite repository's. When a new workstation needs to be installed we will boot the workstation to the BUDR restore environment and restore an image.

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  • Hi Glenn,

    All what your looking to do seems feasible, we use BUDR in a simlar fashion.

    Your weak point will be your restore points it does not really handle multiple restore points - You can do incremental backups but the recommendation is not to let them drag on too long.

    You could do say 2 week full backups and then keep 6 sets if you wish this would mean you would have 6 x 2 weeks of full backups.

    We use to do 30 days incremental and then a full backup but we found on a few occasions that somewhere mid month things would go a bit hay wire and as such we could not restore from that point forward to the next full backup.

    We are now doing 7 day rotations and keeping 2 backups - we are only using it as a recovery for the whole system so a week is perfect.

    We do the local machine and use Windows 2003 + Vmware server, stick in 2 x sata disks mirrored

    We are trialling 2008 with Hyper V at the moment as Vmware Server 2.0 is a bit clunky.

    BUDR definitely has issues, particularly in the synthetic Full backups but if you don't try to do too much then it aint bad.

    The offsite is even more flaky though - if the client backups are not too big you will be ok but we found if they have a lot of data it starts to slip badly behind. The BUDR is supposed to do an offsite synthetic full backup so that when the local does a consolidated full (sythetic full) the offsite does too so that it does not have to upload 300GB but most often than not the offsite sythetic fails and as such you go 300GB behind and for us it means we struggle to catch up.

    Anyway hope this helps a bit.


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