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Reject Superseded Patches In Software Management

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Is there a way to reject superseded patches in software management?  I have looked all over the place and I cannot find anything!  When I try to filter the list of vulnerabilities to show just superseded critical items it freaks out the list and I have to check other boxes refresh the page then remove the filters and refresh for anything to come back up.  I know for certain there are multiple on the page that should show.  I was hoping for a solution like patch management had where we could automatically block them.

Unfortunately, I've been dropped into a situation where there are over 2400 patches that have already been approved and many are unneeded because they have been superseded and it would be nice to not have to look each one up to block them.

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  • Software Management automatically removes superseded patches from your endpoint vulnerabilities.  

    Do you have a support ticket open on the subject?