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Software Management - Patch Approval

  • We are using Patch Management, we mainly have 2 Policy Memberships, one for 99% of the machines, one for a special group of machines with some declined patches. When we approved patches using 'Approval by Policy', we only need to work on 2 memberships for all machines.

    We have many locations/departments, in Software Management, each location/department has its own profile. It seems that to approve a patch using 'Patch Approval', I need to go through each profile then approve. Since MS always creates problems, in every profile, we pick 'Review' for all Patch Impact, we like to have full control ourselves.

    My question is: Is there a way I may approve a patch across all profiles in Software Management ?

    Thank you.

  • Hi kucat,

    Have you tried Override, under Profiles? Theoretically, it should allow to approve the patch over any existing Scan and Analysis profile.


  • Hi AnnaV,

    Thanks for suggestions.

    We tried not using Override, unless I approved a patch I shouldn't.

    If we use Override to approve patches across all profiles, then we will have a long long list in 'KB Override'.

    Thank you.

  • @kucat

    The approach taken in terms of approval via Software Management profiles is the same as Legacy Patch Management; via each profile aka policy.

  • Hi Oscar,

    Thanks for your suggestions.

    I will try this approach.

    Thank you.

  • How to approve only the windows patches in the software management. Currently the patch approval was based on the criticality but we dont want to install the patches related to other applications such as sql and exchange. Is there a way to approve the windows patches only by default without reviewing them