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Software Management: Third Party Software Updates + OS Updates: but no third party updates

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I've switched this this recently introduced Scan and Analysis profile in software management, mainly due to the issues with Kaseya Update strategy- old patches resurfacing, patches not applying.....

All Machines have 3rd party license enabled and a deployment schedule is enabled.

The problem is that either no third party patching is occurring, or I have no visibility of it. If I manaully check machines, I'm not seeing software updating (Chrome 2 versions old, adobe reader a few versions behind ...)

I raised this issue at my last technical account review and was told this strategy only patches the OS- now that just doesn't make sense. 

Is anyone else having issues with this, or perhaps just avoiding this approach?


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  • Do we know when this update will happen? I noticed BMS updated but VSA did not?

  • Looks like anytime soon.


  •   Have you got the link to that documentation you mentioned?

    Also to anyone using this Patching strategy, are you finding that 3rd Party Updates are now working?

    I plan to finally move over from Patch Management once it is safe to do so.

  • Yes, I have exactly the same issue. Bizarrely, we have an issue where some machines randomly show a stupid number of missing patches (1700+) and these do show patches for third-party software (e.g. Adobe) but list the vendor as Microsoft

  • In my test environment, my devices appear to be getting all the MS updates but I am not 100% sure with my 3rd party ones.

  • Towards the bottom of this page:


  •  is 3rd party patching now working for you? I have opened a support ticket and they are investigating still.