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Is anyone else having major issues with the SM module?

  • I agree on the patching front - all of our users need a solution they could count on.  

    If you are open to having a personal discussion on your experience and feedback, feel free to email me:


  • SM is a piece of crap! Kaseya should be embarrassed for even offering either of their patch mgmt modules (SM/PM). And their own people don't even know how they work. I can't even begin to calculate how much time we have wasted.

  • Same experience that we are having with Kaseya. If we were not held hostage to Kaseya and not have to pay a very hefty fee to drop them we would drop them now! Our account manager and tech support managers seem to just not care. I guess that I would be numb too if I worked at Kaseya and had to deal with any of their products other than BMS. The rest of their product suite/platform is PURE CRAP!

  • Interestingly, early on trying to get SM to work with endless calls and emails with Kaseya VSA SM tech support, we asked about using PM instead of SM and was told that PM didn't work very well and wasn't recommended...

    Oscar Romero.. I feel for you Bud! SM & PM are TERRIBLE!

  • I am exploring Atera right now and while I haven't dug into it deeply yet, the basic features and functionality seem to work great and the interface is awesome as far as I'm concerned. If we find that Atera is better that Kaseya for the most part, specifically in comparison to ALL of the VSA modules, we will most likely start using Atera and just keep using BMS with Kaseya because BMS is actually pretty good in my experience. Believe me if we weren't held hostage by Kaseya and not have to pay a very hefty penalty for terminating our contract we would drop them today!

  • Glenn, would you be interested in helping us build the solution that you are using within Kaseya?

    "Application Updates fully automated by NinitePro and soon Chocolaty."

    "Windows Upgrades via an app + procedure for orderly scheduling of these often-invasive updates."

    I am BEYOND drained and frustrated with Kaseya. Their own tech support people contradict each other and they don't even know how the product(s) work. VERY FRUSTRATING!

    You can reach out to me at bjupena@sronc.com



  • Well - that's timing! You'll hear from our team shortly! Kaseya is one of the most powerful platforms but can be overwhelming to set up and maintain. That's why we built the RMM Suite - we leverage pretty much every part of VSA to the max.

    We released a new RMM Suite update this month with significant improvements specifically to workstation patching. Our clients will see these features magically appear in their environments in the next 7-10 days - all they need to do is turn the desired features on.

    We now have 4 options for workstation updating, with an Early and Late schedule to accommodate the hospitality industry or orgs that operate 24/7. Each schedule now allows patching to resume upon power-on if it was offline during the normal patch schedule. The user is notified at logon that patching has begun and a reboot will be required. Of course, we still support direct, once-monthly scheduling of workstations using our server schedules for "high-touch" users needing very specific update schedules.

    The update to the User Interface - in addition to the "patching has resumed" message - will replace the built-in Kaseya nag messages with ones that are fully customizable (and can be language-specific!) and display the MSPs logo. These will appear hourly at the top of the hour to minimize interfering with meetings and presentations. You can control how many nag messages are displayed before a reboot is forced or schedule the reboot for a specific time within the day that patches are installed. Of course, you can reboot (with a grace period) immediately after updates complete - you're in full control. This configuration can be set globally, with overrides possible by client, client location, or individual agent. Customers can create language files for all of our interface tools, and these will automatically switch to the user's primary language and format based on their locale setting. This allows our UI tools to function globally.

    Another part of this release is a Windows Feature Update tool. This has 2 modes, first performing a "readiness check" to make sure the agent has enough space and that other things that often prevent a successful upgrade aren't present. The upgrade mode again confirms the readiness, then determines the current version and downloads the correct package to upgrade the system to the latest release. We even handle Bitlocker disable/enable. In testing, updates have taken just under 2 hours and 3-5 reboots. I upgraded an old laptop from the original W10 release to 20H2 - fully hands off - in 1:48.

    3P Updates are still done through Ninite Pro, but we're working on the Choco enhancement and that should be out by Q2 this year. A single tool that will be able to use either Ninite Pro or Choco for updating depending on what's the best tool for a specific app (based on MSP preference!).

    Also part of this update release are full API integrations to Kaseya BMS, Datto Autotask, and ConnectWise Manage that update or create tickets, associate tickets with customer & asset, and even classify the ticket with Issue/Sub-Issue (or T/S/I for CW). Body and Internal Note injection with macro replacement - per-alert - are fully supported to drive process workflows in ticketing.

    24 significant updates and new features and over 80 minor app enhancements are part of this update.

  • and the rest of the community.

    In recap for 2020 and Software Management we delivered:

    - 25 new features (some would consider parity)

    - 71 Defect/Bug Fixes

    - 17% increase in endpoint adoption for Software Management (SaaS Only)

    The module is definitely far from being at the OS and 3PP Patching standard I would like it to be however, the progress is being recognized and most importantly received well from our users.  

    I appreciate the patience and willingness of our users working with our various technical supporting teams to help resolve issues being experienced.

    Software Management is presently going through a complete overhaul by introducing our own native engines for both third party applications and OS patch management into the module.  The benefits of the new engine are centered around speed - consistency - scalability - and feature richness to provide our Software Management users a modern experience when it comes to patching.

    If any of our users would like to discuss or have a conversations around their current shortcomings with our patching and third party strategy, I have posted my information here =)

  • I started using SM in January 21. It seemed to be working great and then just stopped in March although I didn't realize as all reports were negative. Nothing looked awry until I noticed the scan was taking 24hrs for 0%.

    Support has been in contact and passed me up the chain and still awaiting a response.

    If I treated my client this way I would be out of business very quickly!