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Is anyone else having major issues with the SM module?

  • we use Connectwise Screenconnect as it is by far the best remote control software arround.  We only use Kaseya in the event we need to load Screenconnect or fix Screenconnect on a computer.

  • My technicians don't have PCs but we all work on a terminal server in our cloud.

    Splashtop uses an ID to distinguish between the Splashtop users. This ID is the same for all users working on a terminal server. And that's the problem.

    So every user must have it's own workstation to being able to use Splashtop.

    The workaround was a browser based remote control. But that was so slow, that even the sales rep agreed with me, that this is no working solutin for now...

  • Just because I happened to look at a small client that was complaining about the patching, I see endpoints that show vulnerabilities because Adobe Reader and Chrome are out of date. They also show errors because those patches could not be installed because they are not licensed for 3rd party patches.

    Is it too much to ask that an endpoint does not show an error if it is not licensed for something and only shows vulnerabilities if patches it is entitled to are not applied?

  • Hi Sergea,

    Make sure you don't have a 3rd-Party Software profile assigned to the machines and you shouldn't see these vulnerabilities listed.

    We have only one customer (currently) paying for 3rd-pary patching, and theirs are the only machines with the 3rd-Party Software profile assigned and the only ones that report Adobe, Chrome etc. as vulnerabilities.

  • No 3rd party profile or 3rd party enabled.

  • If it's trying to patch 3rd party apps and 3rd-Party Support in SM is not enabled I'd open a support ticket

  • So - what?? Has everyone somehow uninstalled Patch Management from their VSA? Do you really think changing your RMM is going to be easier than rolling back to Patch Management until all the Software Management kinks are ironed out? Some of the comments sound like "I have a splinter.. quick - amputate!" :)

    We've moved every one of our MSP clients back to Patch Management with great success and tightly controlled scheduling.

    Application Updates fully automated by NinitePro and soon Chocolaty.

    Windows Upgrades via an app + procedure for orderly scheduling of these often-invasive updates.

    We're still staying on top of Software Management 'cause its a good concept. The last engineering preview showed it heading in the right direction, but the finish line is still in the distance where we're concerned with providing support to MSPs. There's no reason to change RMM and no reason to stick with S-M if it isn't working for you.


  • My issue is strictly around the reporting. Only 15% of all of my machines state to be in compliance, yet they are not missing scan or deployment threshold I have set as 5 Days and 95% patch compliance.

    I have several tickets open with no real answer as to why I am not having success in compliance reporting.

  • your terminal server is not corectly configured.

  • Constant issues. To the point where we are looking at other products as our clients we support have been extremely agitated with our inability to patch effectively. Unfortunately we have been utilizing Kaseya for all of our patching and RMM but our issues have been so severe we are willing to start over.

  • Same here. I've been hammering Kaseya on this and have been trying to work with them for almost 3 months now trying to get it working the way it's "supposed" to work. Although I don't have any confidence in their tech support group actually knowing how it's "supposed" to work. At nearly 3 months of "trying this" and "trying that" working with their tech support, I threatened enough that they have now escalated to high level engineers and I have a scheduled call next Wed with a senior manager/Director in their program group. Don't know what good that will do but I'm not holding anything back. SM is TERRIBLE!

    Also I saw someone commented on MACs. We are also at the same point of kicking and screaming and hammering them on remote control to MACs. Totally broken now on ALL version on MacOS. Again have been working with tech support, 2 calls over 2 days and over 5 hours for both calls to no avail. Again raised Holy He!! and got it escalated to higher level engineer.

    Kaseya tech support is TERRIBLE! TERRIBLE! VSA is TERRIBLE! TERRIBLE!

  • Please provide more detail for "Windows Upgrades via an app + procedure for orderly scheduling of these often-invasive updates". I'm very interested to hear what you're doing here. Thanks!

  • It's absolutely terrible! We can't trust SM as our update strategy and causes me to do A LOT more manual work to confirm/verify what is actually updated and what is not. Tech support is TERRIBLE!

  • I've been fairly happy with SM, with the exception of upgrade to broke the deployment index.  Rather than wait for next version, I just removed the profiles from every workstation and recreated and it's back to working fine.

    I have no issues with bandwidth/speed issues that others report at all.  (I have only 202 workstations however)   I couldn't care less about Apple support, I'd be fine if Apple died and went away.

    However, that being said, my concern has always been that we may be missing patches.  Is there any windows update scan tools to check for patches/vulnerabilities and generate a report?  Even better 3rd party software scans as well  (Chrome, Acrobat, etc)

  • WMIC qfe list

    or to search for a specific update

    WMIC qfe | find "KB number"