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Is anyone else having major issues with the SM module?

  • 1. Half of my workstations are reported not having run a patch scan, even though i have it scheduled to run 3 days per week, each during a 4 hour period during peak work hours. I've been using SM for months! I find it hard to believe that this many workstations are turned off for months and months during peak times. 

    2. Monthly schedules for servers has been broken since November, so no patches auto deployed since November. Only solution is to schedule a human to Deploy Patches, which you can only do 1 server at a time. Awesome! Either that or have to login to each server and run Windows Update manually. More fun. 

    3. "Skip if offline" doesn't seem to work. Again, workstations that have been around for months haven't yet had a patch scan nor approved patches deployed. If you don't put a check box in "Skip if offline", then I understand that the next time the computer is on, it should run the scan.  ??    Seems like it's doing the opposite and just saying "skip me, please". 

    4. Last Deployment Dates might show current in the SM module (top screen), but if you look in the Vulnerabilities tab, there's a whole list of patches in the "Ready" status that were release the month prior and not installed yet (for example). Broken. 

    5. Last Deployment Dates in the "Machines" section might show one date in the top half of the screen. But if you click the History tab, the last Status Date of "Completed" (installed) patches doesn't match. So zero confidence in which one is correct. 

    6. Reporting is horrible and lacking. It reports patches as Vulnerable even though you've Rejected them. Bad logic. 

    7. Dashboard is pretty worthless. Drill-downs would be good so that we can see details behind the numbers. 

    8. If a client asks how many machines have successfully had "this KB" installed, good luck finding that answer without having to take a day off. 

    9. Overall, the SM module just seems to get worse as each Kaseya release comes out. the PM module worked great and consistently, and I was the biggest Kaseya fan there was. Today I feel like i made a huge mistake and very nervous about my business relying on Kaseya right now. Feels like Kaseya has all but given up on patching and has lost sight as to the importance of the same. An RMM product should at the very least do monitoring and patching, that's the main reasons we all get a RMM solution. When you're missing 50% of that, not good! Meanwhile, i keep getting marketed for all the add-ons. Fix your core issues before trying to sell me more!

    So back to the question, anyone else seeing this or is it just me? If you are, then what are you doing about it? What is the fix? I'm about to spin up a WSUS server at each of my client sites then handing over the next Kaseya invoices to my legal team. Anyone? 

  • You are not alone

  • I think that the software management module could be a good one but it does need more work. I keep getting deployment or patch scan errors, I find that if I leave them alone for the most part they will rectify themselves after a few weeks but in reality it shouldn't have to be that way. If I manually deploy or scan, it appears to take quite while to start up on the selected machine and may take up to an hour to complete.

    I use this module because of most of the computers in the company are Macs, so I didn't bother trying to use patch management at all. I hope they keep working to get these issues fixed.

  • I have a ton of errors on many endpoints at various client's:

    "Scanning error"

    "Patch Scan File Failed to Download"

    So tired of Kaseya's lack of progress in fixing this product. Kaseya is the #1 product we use that makes us look bad.

  • You are not alone.. we have a lot of support tickets opened and the problems are still going on... a lot of approaches to our account manager who seems to ignore us at this moment even though we discussed a lot at Connect IT Europe... very very frustrating.

  • It just plain does not work.

    I never got it to less than 50% of my endpoints being up to date.

    The dashboard is completely useless. At some point, I got our local install to 4 out of 20 machines requiring patches the numbers on the dashboard we fine. The 2 pie charts showed 100% vulnerable and 85% non-compliant.

    I see endpoints showing culnerable because Firefox is out of date. But those machines are not set up for 3rd party patching.

    Customers forever complain about the stupid reboot dialog. How hard would it be for the agent to clear whatever reboot flag it looks at at startup? It's pretty embarrassing to tell customer that a windows reboot is not good enough for Kaseya.

    The LiveConnect update procedure sucks. Again, explaining to end users how to download and install every time a new agent shows up. Really? How about an auto-update of LiveConnect?

    Not having a 64-bit agent. 64-bit has been around forever. Mac users have been getting a warning for over a year that 32-bit software was going to stop working. We have a decent amount of Mac endpoints. Regardless of what we told them, they are still upgrading to Catalina. We have to issue credits because we can't provide proper service to them.

    The entire tool does not work. We started deploying AnyDesk to every server we manage to make sure we could always get to them, because the agent stops regularly.

    The patching does not work

    The monitoring is OK but so convoluted that we pretty stopped using it.

    Counting down to our contract expiring. .

  • and - you can always use Patch Management, which is a lot older, less fancy, but at least it works. I won't pretend this is without issues, but you can get decent results you can trust.

    Software Management seems to have become a bigger mess than it already was. Maybe Kaseya should just suspend the use of this product and take a year to actually make something that's usable.

  • Kaseya no longer supports Mac as of Catalina. and before you say dont upgrade just be quiet and dont say anything because Windows world is not the same as the Mac world. Also any new Mac comes preinstalled with OS 10.15.x Catalina and is not downgradeable.  The main issue is it no longer supports 32 Bit and has announced this change for over a year.  If Kaseya was developing and fixing existing issues rather than purchasing new products to sell me we may not be having this discussion.

    Patching does not work and it is becoming a huge issue. Monitoring is a Joke but no worse than almost any other RMM out there.

    I have less than a year till my contract is up..  :)

    I have used Labtec before it was Connectwise and it was good but it had its issues then.

    I hjave used N-Able which is the worst product i have ever tried from a reliability point of view

    I am running out of options :O but if i have to make a choice going forward i will probably move to Labtec and accept the issues it has

  • We have really struggled with SM.  The biggest mistake I made was to Approve "Critical, Older Than 30 Days" and "Virus Removal" in the Scan and Analysis profile. Once I set these to Review as recommended by various techs at Kaseya, things started behaving much better.  Seems like the product has a lot of issues with Windows Defender related patches.  

    I find the way to be successful with these products is to take as many "Health Checks" and quick meetings with the professional services / scripting gurus as possible.  They help me tweak things and get it running the way you expect.  Support is not good for this.  A good relationship with your account rep and their ability to book the right person to help you overcome these all too common obstacles is key.  

    Now back to trashing SM, just kidding.  I still find myself running Windows Update to check how accurate SM is.  Newer Windows OS' seems fine.  Older ones have been a disaster.  So when I have an unpatched Windows 7  / 2008 computer, I use Windows Update first, otherwise I have to install way too many redundant patches and risk crashing things.  I still really struggle trying to push out Windows 10 Feature Updates and do this manually.

    Any recommendation on this is much appreciated.  

    Since there are less reports setup in SM as in Patch Management, I now know to get Support or someone else at Kaseya involved to point me to the right report part so I don't struggle for hours figuring it out.

    So to sum up my experience, I really like the people at Kaseya.  I think the product is going in the right direction.  I think success and low stress level is tied to having someone at Kaseya, a good account rep, that points you in the right direction and doesn't leave you stuck behind an obstacle. When the account rep is too busy to respond, you have to be comfortable enough to find someone else outside of tech support to keep you on the right track.


  • But what do you move to?

  • We have just started a 6 months proof-of-concept. After that we will decide, if we migrate to Kaseya or stay with Solarwinds MSP. When following your discussion, I get the feeling, that we shouldn't even start testing.

    Is it really that bad?

    After all, Solarwinds MSP does not do much, but what it does, it does quite reliably.

  • We used to use PM, but Kaseya had us move to SM because they said they are deprecating PM.

  • At this point, I'd move to anything else. It may not be that much better, but it can't be a whole lot worse. We use Autotask as a PSA, so likely will give Datto RMM a shot, or ConnecWise. I've used on-prem Manage Engine in the past and really liked it, may give their MSP version a shot.

    None will be perfect, but I don't want much. I want remote control to work. I want patching to work. I want decent monitoring and reporting.

  • We tested Datto RMM but their remote control does not support terminal server sessions for the technicians. So we ruled out Datto.

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  • What do you mean by "does not support terminal server sessions"?