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Are there still plans to add view definitions for Software Management? Since we switched to the SM module for patching, I have really liked it (despite some occasional hiccups), but I have been asking this question now for a long time. Being able to define Kaseya views based on Software Management data is the last step needed in order to use ANY automation for the Software Management module. We need this in order to automatically apply policies, remediate patch issues, notify clients about issues, and anything else that requires automation based on SM parameters. Right now we are wasting at least 20 hours a month by not having this feature, and our patch compliance is far worse than it should be. A little automation would go a long ways.

This is already included in several different feature requests:




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  • I do agree with expanding the view capability as it can serve in great ways from a high level management perspective.  Automation does go beyond long ways!

    Currently we have the third party add-on for views:

    In terms of a more immediate solution, have you considered utilizing custom fields to achieve your desired results.

  • Our solution uses a single custom field to define which patching solution to use and define the schedule when the updates should be applied. We have 9 default "change windows" on Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday with 9 schedule cycles in each. This allows fairly precise scheduling, especially when dealing with application server groups and ensuring that they boot in the right sequence.

    After meeting with the VSA engineering team this week, we'll be taking another look at Software Management next week and verify that we can export/import everything needed to fully support Software Management with the same precision as we get from Patch Management. The last time we checked, there was an issue with importing profiles.