I am hoping for some assistance.I was wondering if I could have some insight in on the following please?
A particular server was failing to send it's restore point to the service providers infrastructure. After looking at it for over a week they determined the whole lot needed wiping as it had never been right from the outset and had we needed to restore from the offsite backup then we would have been sorely disappointed! So, with an empty offsite repository, I have started the Cloud Connect job and 1.7 TB is going to take a while. I have noticed that when the onsite backup runs the Cloud Connect job pauses whilst the onsite does it's thing. Also as 24 hours spins around the job ends and restarts but that's has left a couple of servers with a restore point as Type: Full, Status: Incomplete. The following entry then says Type: Incremental, Status: OK. So my question; Are these backups OK or are they corrupted somehow?. Any quick pointers or cloud explainer videos will be great if shared. Is an incomplete Full acceptable as long as it is followed by an OK incremental? Please help me out.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.