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Cloud backup Reporting not reporting.

  • We are currently in a trial with Cloud backup and have an issue with the reporting. It is reporting "no data available."  I have put in a ticket but am wondering if anyone has come across this issue. I am simply trying to run a report by machine group to see the total GB used for the month. When I run it against my lab machine group it shows no data when I have GB usage. 

    Anybody have this issue? 

  • Hi Corey,

    We have no seen any issues in house, but please list the ticket number and I will take a look.



  • Thanks Charles, Ticket number #203904

    I am probably doing something wrong in the construction of the report.. but I just want to be sure.

  • I had the same issue and still have. I opened a ticket with support. They are working on this issue and no timeline for resolution yet.

  • Hi Cory

    I noticed that support got back to you on the statistics are not collected for the monthly reports, until the month has ended.  Currently there is not way to get these numbers sooner for this report.  In 9.5 we do have more reporting in the UI, that will show what storage has been used per backup group and this will be updated daily.    

    Thanks Charles

  • Thanks for the update Charles!  We will see what it looks like on the 1st then!