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Kaspersky and Acronis Conflict

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Im new to Kaseya and have only been using it for a couple months.   I added Kaspersky antiviirus when I signed up also.      Fast forward to now and Im trying to implement cloud backup with Acronis.    Has anyone else had issues with Kaspersky and Acronis playing nice together?  The only way I seem to be able to get Acronis installed on my agents is to disable Kaspersky.   If not, it gets uninstalled without me doing anything.   Im assuming its Kaspersky thats uninstalling it.

One suggestion I was given was to uninstall Kaspersky from all my agents (85 of them), install Acronis, then reinstall Kaspersky again.   Has anyone else had to deal with this problem?   Its a bit mind boggling that I was sold the acronis software knowing I already have Kaspersky which conflicts with Acronis.   One of the main reasons I moved to Kaseya was to manage my entire environment from one dashboard and avoid stuff like this.



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  • Hi Richard,

    I personally test with both products installed on my endpoints and I do not experience the same issue.  You can see if Kaspersky is doing any removals by looking at the VSA > Antivirus > Show > Detections.  Furthermore you can also go to the endpoint itself and open the Kaspersky UI and hitting Reports at top right.  This would tell you if Kaspersky removes anything.