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dashboard 'cloud backup data collected at' is ambiguous

  • The 'cloud backup data collected at' figure only mentions a time. not a date. In my case the data hasn't been collected for 2 days - yet the time is only a few minutes ago.

    Come on Kaseya, show the date as well. This is fundamental stuff.

    By the way, add a button to force collection please - and explain why my system hasn't collected data for days and how the collection mechanism works.

  • So, no response from Kaseya. Also no answers via support ticket #174595 

    My Dashboard hasn't updated in days. It also apparently can't tell the difference between US and AU date formats (mm/dd/yyyy vs. dd/mm/yyyy).

    Hello? Anyone there?

  • ....so now my cloud dashboard hasn't updated for EIGHT DAYS - yes, it's stuck on 4/1/2017.

    Ticket #174595 has now been open on this fault for ONE MONTH.

    You'd think a brand new module that is supposedly just been developed would be getting more attention????

  • I am happy to see this is not just us seeing this issue.  We also have some machines with stale data and some machines with current data.  I have a ticket with helpdesk on this as well.  They requested a KCB Main log and when I looked at that before sending, it does appear there are some errors, but I am not exactly sure what they mean.  

    This is also causing issues with scheduled KCB reports as the data is not current in the VSA.  

    And - this also appears to cause issues with the licensing counts being slightly different between the VSA and Acronis, which caused minor issues with deployment.